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However, her teaching methods and content raised concern by fellow Masters. With tutaminis, Revan even proved capable of absorbing the dark power of Darth Nyriss, sparing Meetra Surik and Scourge from certain incineration. His leadership and command of the Galactic Republic military made it a legitimate fighting force capable of fighting threats like Vitiate's Sith Empire.

He quickly became the 's most promising pupil, much to the caution of the who sensed something deeper. His mastery allowed himself to open up to both sides of the Force simultaneously, summoning such power that he could then unleash the Force in its purest form.

Revan developed a close bond with his captor, the Sith Lord Scourge, eventually persuading him to join him in his fight against the Sith Emperor Vitiate.

He accumulated respect from a vast range of different cultures from the Mandalorians to the Echani - the Rakata to the ancient Sith.

The Sith Emperor had been slain by a Jedi named the Hero of Tython three years prior, but his spirit remained. In the end, he returned back to his first master, wishing for knowledge on how to best leave the Jedi Order.

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Комиксы wife

Fueled by all the death waged by Revan's war, the Sith Emperor still returned more powerful than ever before.

To me, it symbolizes his dark past - a relic from a time before he became the man I loved. Legacy of a Legend "Who I am is not important, my message is.

He quickly became the 's most promising pupil, much to the caution of the who sensed something deeper. He later won both the Arkanis sector and Manaan swoop championships as well during the Jedi Civil Wars.

Three-centuries later, Revan expanded the small Dromund Kaas-based Order of Revan cult into a galactic-stretching organization with thousands of members.

Revan triumphant in battle.

Unaware to the Galactic Republic and the other Jedi, another Sith Empire lurked beyond known space with thousands of Sith ready for combat.

A master tactician, Revan began pushing back the Mandalorian armies alongside his right-hand man Malak, formerly known as Alek.

Комиксы wife

Комиксы wife

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Комиксы wife

Revan (Character)

Malachor V and Korriban contained a treasure-trove of Sith artifacts and techniques that Revan studied during the Mandalorian Wars and Jedi Civil Wars.

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Комиксы fansadox

Комиксы wife

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You are all things Revan… and yet you are nothing. However, during his time in captivity, Revan's mind became consumed by hatred for his captor, and he plotted revenge.

Later, on the moon of Dxun, a long battle waged between the Jedi, led by Revan and fellow companion Meetra Surik.